MET Fitness is a truly personal fitness experience.

MET Fitness stands for More Energy Time, for getting you fitter and stronger, giving you more energy to live your great life.

We’re all busy - we all have things we have to get done, being fit helps you keep up.

Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not about what you look like; it is about being strong inside and out. It’s never too late and it feels great.

Make the change that makes the difference.

Why Training is Important

Strength training maintains muscle and bone density, telling your body to grow strong. 
(For women this does not mean ‘bulking up’, it  means getting smaller and fitting into those jeans better.)

Cardiovascular training teaches your body to use oxygen more efficiently, giving you greater stamina and energy.

Your body responds to the way you use it.

If all you require of your body is to sit at your desk at work and on the couch all weekend, it will respond accordingly – and you’ll very likely experience this as back pain.

Start feeling good again.
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