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MET Fitness 6 Week Challenge

Learn HOW to do what works and STOP doing what doesn't.

End dieting FOREVER with the lifestyle changes and tools you need to create better health - for the rest of your life.

This program is for those who care enough about themselves to treat their body right.

  • Eat well with MORE energy.
  • Reset your metabolism and get your body working FOR you.
  • Weekly check-ins keep you accountable
  • FREE A.R.T. Method DVD for effective home workouts.

*Warning: current clothing size may not necessarily be adequate at the conclusion of this program.

Are YOU up for the Challenge?


$80 book NOW!

The A.R.T. Method DVD

A.R.T Method DVD

$19.95 including shipping.

The A.R.T. Method DVD and Yoga Blocks

A.R.T. Method TM DVD + 4 x 4"/10cm* yoga blocks including shipping* $84.95

* 10cm blocks are not standard size. They are the recommended size for use with the A.R.T. Method TM DVD.


A-LIST BODY®  BootCamps

Your body changes quickly when you PRACTICE.

Every workout is different, providing personal attention and group motivation while working at your own pace.

Move better. Look better. Feel more alive!

Monthly Bootcamps booking NOW!

Fitness Assessment is a requirement for all BootCamp participants.

Each series runs monthly with a maximum of 8 participants per class.

Contact MET Fitness on 0421 870 045
or email to see which classes have space available.

A-List Body® 
This WILL change the shape of your body, tone trouble spots, shed body fat and enhance your health, energy & confidence.

A-List Body®
Added intensity for faster results.
Perfect for brides or that special event where you want to look AMAZING!


Monday 7am  10:30am                  
Tuesday 6:30am  6pm     
Wednesday 9:30am  10:30am    
Thursday 6:30am  5pm   
Friday 7am  10:30am                      
Saturday 8:30am

MET Fitness will program any combination of days & times to suit your schedule.
Yes, you can start mid-month!

All Boot Campers receive a FREE A.R.T. Method DVD for Technique Study practice.
A-List Body® participants can attend Technique Study classes FREE!




Busy Mum's Special Offer - 2 classes* a week during the school term for only $250 - BOOK NOW!

Casual classes are $20

*Second class can include Tai Chi



Tai Chi Beginners

Standing meditation to balance mind and body.

Reduce stress, improve blood pressure, quiet the mind.

10 classes $100

Monday 6pm    Tuesday 9:30am   Thursday 9:30am  & 6pm   Saturday 10:30am


New York's Best Personal Training

Train like a celebrity without the Hollywood price tag.

Customised workouts designed to develop coordination based cardio-muscular strength & physical confidence.
Get the best quality training at an afforable rate.

Exclusive to MET Fitness, from New York's best personal trainer to you.

6 classes $300






Postage prices given are for Australia only.
Please contact MET Fitness for other locations.