About Right Training

Why Training matters

Powerful benefits of regular exercise

Your body responds to the way you use it

If all you require of your body is to sit at your desk at work and on the couch all weekend, it will respond accordingly – and you’ll very likely experience this as back pain or other niggles

We’re made to move and there are so many powerful benefits from regular exercise:

 * strong, healthy muscles & bones
improved mental health & mood
* improved cholesterol, cortisol & blood pressure measures
* lower risk for 35 chronic conditions including 4 types of cancer

All these benefits with virtually no side-effects* – if there was a pill that did all this, you’d take it in a second, right?

Our classes are designed with your needs and abilities in mind. In fact, we specialise in working with people with chronic health and mobility issues – there’s always a way and it’s easier than you think

* side-effects may include better health, better sleep, physical & mental strength and stamina, stress reduction


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The more you train, the lower cost per class

This series of three one hour sessions is scaled according to how often you train.
Busy Mums can bring children to training twice a week throughout the school terms.

Private training $80 per hour, $50 per 30 minutes.