MET Fitness clients understand that life is busy and being fit helps you keep up.


Perfect for busy women who want to look great, feel great and have more energy.

Bootcamp classes are small for personal attention to individual needs. Maximum of 10 participants

Burn fat fast, increase metabolism and tone trouble spots.

Choose from either 3x/wk or 4+x/wk, unique monthly classes combines strength, cardio and toning for the most effective workout you'll ever do.

Babies and toddlers are welcome.

MET Fitness 6 Week Challenge teaches you how to make the small changes that make a BIG difference.

Spend less than 30 minutes a week over 6 weeks to transform your health and future with the tools, skills & support to take charge of your health.

Live the vibrant life you deserve.


TAI CHI for Beginners

Standing meditation to balance mind and body.

Corporate Outdoor Training

No more excuses, combat sedentary office life & be a legend in your own lunchtime.

Get fit. Tone up. Have more energy.

This convenient 8 week program comes to your workplace to build fitness and strength, increase energy levels and personal productivity.

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Client Stories

Real people, busy lives.
What People Say About MET Fitness


"OMG What have you done to me?? I felt amazing after my 6am training session and am bouncing through my day feeling alive and energised!! :-) LOVE IT!!"
Sharon, Senior Manager & Executive MBA Candidate - CBD

"I have to share - went shopping and actually bought a skirt and pair of pants for work - size 12! I haven't been that for a few years... also discovering a whole new wardrobe in my wardrobe- clothes I can now fit into. Finally I'm seeing the health/fitness side AND the 'I'm getting smaller side'"
Vicki, Writer - The Patch

"Kim, you are really good at what you do!! As you make someone like me that really doesn't like to train, actually enjoy it. Thank you!"
Israela, HR Consultant & Working Mum - Highett

"It's the subtle changes that have a big impact, like walking up four flights of stairs without being puffed - and jogging back down! Wow! That's huge for me. Being unable to even use weights at the start, I've progressed really quickly with the handweights in the circuit program. Oh happy days!"
Sue, Business Consultant - Hampton