Give yourself MORE energy to live A great life!

No Pain, No Gain? that’s not what we’re about

MET Fitness is not a gym

MET Fitness is a guilt-free, judgement-free zone where we practice radical self-acceptance

You don’t have to like exercise to reap the benefits, it works either way

We make it easier for you to stick with it

Get it done and get on with your day

It’s never too late and it feels great


Kim is a highly experienced health professional. 

She has been helping people live healthier lives for over 20 years, as a personal fitness trainer, health educator and massage therapist.

MET Fitness can help you make the change that makes the difference to your health.

Specialist in working with chronic conditions or mobility issues that may have stopped you exercising in the past.


Kim is a Certified Fitness Trainer and holds qualifications in Nutrition and Weight Management and Diabetes Management.

Health & fitness take time – start now


If you’re waiting for the ideal conditions to start being fitter & healthier, stop waiting and start doing

The best time to start is now

Build a healthier happier you, one workout at a time

Motivation is a myth. Just show up – we’ll take it from there

Get. It. Done… and get on with your day

Work at YOUR pace to acheive the health goals that matter to YOU

Studio Classes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Total Body 6:30am Total Body 6:30am
Total Body 8:00am Total Body 8:00am Intensive 8:30am
Total Body 9:30am Total Body 9:30am Strength & Stretch 9:30am Private Client 10:00am
Private Client 5:30pm Private Client 5:30pm
Total Body 7:00pm Boxing 7:00pm

I train here because….

Client Testimonials

“This style of fitness really suits me, it’s high intentsity but low impact and the small groups allow for one on one coaching. The classes kept my motivation to stay committed to changing my diet, which enhanced the weight loss”


Busy Nurse & Mum of 3

“Kim, you are really good at what you do!! As you make someone like me that really doesn’t like to train, actually enjoy it. Thank you!”


HR Consultant & Mum of 2

“I have more energy and a toned body but I also have greater mental clarity, I can do more!”


Artist & singer

“OMG What have you done to me?? I felt amazing after my 6am training session and am bouncing through my day feeling alive and energised!! 🙂 LOVE IT!!”


Senior Executive

“I have to share – went shopping and actually bought a skirt and pair of pants for work – size 12! I haven’t been that for a few years… also discovering a whole new wardrobe in my wardrobe- clothes I can now fit into. Finally I’m seeing the health/fitness side AND the ‘I’m getting smaller side.”



“Being fitter gives me the energy to keep up with the kids!”


Legend & mum of 3

“I fit into clothes I haven’t work in years and I feel great!”


Energetic globetrotter

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News and Blogs

MET Fitness Tips

MET Fitness Tips

Take The Lead With Your Health Listen to your body and do what you CAN do. Work with your fitness level and do a little bit every day, building your fitness slowly and consistently. Set a weekly goal – walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift, get...

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Food Favourites

Food Favourites

Recipes The Perfect Omlette - eliminate snacks with this tasty winner. Asparagus and Garlic - delicious with scrambled eggs or tofu. Tomatoes and Garlic - add these to ANY recipe for a flavour boost! Chicken Pad Thai* with vegetarian option Turkey...

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Health: The Point Of You

Health: The Point Of You

The more you use your energy, the more energy you will have. It sounds counter-intuitive but think about it; how do you feel on those days where you lay around on the couch watching tv or doing nothing? tired and lethargic? And how do you feel after you've been for a...

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